Change the world, not your habits.

Your online shopping experience revolutionized for social impact.

Purchase with Power

Whenever you shop from your favorite stores online, the vast majority of profits benefit a charitable cause

There's no cost to you and no need to change your shopping habits, making this an effortless way for you to make an impact on the world

Shop from our ever-expanding list of partner companies

Make a greater impact than ever before.

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You make a purchase

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You gain rewards and exclusive discounts

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Gain peace of mind knowing your purchase is sustainable

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Transactions without CPI

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with CPI

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A business makes a profit

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People, animals, and ecosystems benefit from your purchase.

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Society adopts impactful purchasing as an effortless, everyday, practice

Contributions from people like you help to make the great vision of CPI a reality

Spread Public Awareness of CPI

Cultivating new and existing guiding producers

Present research in support of our model

Ready, Set, Buy.

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