We created a new-age business model that puts profit in service of people.

Guided Consumption

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Buy goods and services that are already part of your everyday routine and lifestyle, except through Guidng Producers. Through this, the profit generated from your purchases goes towards solving significant world problems like eliminating global poverty, ending factory farming, and saving our environment. The profits from your purchases would otherwise go to anonymous shareholders, who are usually rich investors accumulating passive income.

What we do

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How you can help

Buy from Guiding Producers

Be smart and be kind with the dollars you spend: impactful charities need your money much more than rich investors.

Donate to CPI

Help create the infrastructure and amplify the movement. By using the good will of people all over the world as a lever, your dollar can transform the world.

Spread the Word

Join us on social media and spead the word in the world at large. If the people of the world know of their power to change the world without changing their habits, nothing can stop us.


A wide variety of skills are critical to our project: research, social media content production, communications, translation, information technology support, and many more skills. Join as a volunteer or let us know what your needs would be for an internship.

Join the Conversation

We need your thoughts to raise and address the many questions regarding making a world where profits work for good.